Development of strategic measures

This report describes the further development of the analysed measures from Volume 1 into strategic measures. As with the term measure, a strategic measure refers to an essential measure in concept that can be used to develop individual implementation strategies on a local level for part or the whole life cycle of a project (from the first vision to monitoring of the implemented solution). The developed strategic measures deal with the following topics:

  • Setting Vision and Targets
  • Developing Renewable Energy Strategies
  • Making Full use of Legal Frameworks
  • Designing an Urban Competition ProcessesMaking use of Tools Supporting the Decision Making Process
  • Implementing Monitoring of Energy Consumption and GHG Emission practices
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement & Involvement
  • Including Socio Economic Criteria
  • Implementing Effective and Efficient Organisational Processes

The report includes both a summary of each strategic measure supported by nine appendices, each a detailed description of each strategic measure.

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