The results of Annex 63 (Implementation of Energy Strategies in Communities) are documented in six Volumes (sequenced according to the development progress).


Depending of the interest of the reader whether the focus might be on the application of results or on the methodology of producing the results, the figure shows the sequence of how best to use the Volumes.

If the focus of the reader lies on the application of the elaborated results, the Volume 4 should be read first. The appendix of Volume 4 contains a municipality self-assessment tool that allows the reader to identify the strengths and weaknesses within the current municipal structure. Volume 4 also contains additional working materials (e.g. necessary capacities and skills, suitable workshop formats, informational slides for presentations and education materials) that support the implementation of strategic measures. Recommendations for the successful implementation of specific strategic measures can be found in appendix of Volume 2, leading to the application of different strategic measures as outlined in Volume 3. In this way, the reader gains from the three reports all relevant information for the development of individual implementation strategies.


If the reader is interested on methodological aspects of Annex 63, Volume 0 should be read first. Volume 0 contains the central information regarding the information exchange activities and input from the variety of annex stakeholders (cities, local stakeholder groups, project team, national and international networks, IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes). Principal output of this consultation process is also described in detail in Volume 1 (local framework conditions in 11 countries and 22 cities). Finally, all relevant recommendations for different target groups are summarised in Volume 5. Again, the reader gets in the three reports all the relevant information for further fields of investigation.